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Garry and Marge Sawtelle (d/b/a)
Sawtelle Cattle Company and
Sawtelle Family Farms Quarter Horses (SFFQH)
148 Nokomis Road, Corinna, Maine (Map Us)

Sawtelle Cattle Company (SCC), growers and breeders of grass fed and natural raised Belted Galloway cattle and grain fed pigs; located in beautiful Central Maine. The farming property has been owned by the Sprague/Sawtelle families for four generations. Garry managed the wood-lot portion as a boy with his maternal grandfather, Chet Sprague.

Facts and Info

The Beltie as a beef animal produces exceptionally lean and flavorful meat, with carcass dressed weights well in excess of 60 percent of live weight. Winter warmth is provided by the double coat of hair, rather than the layer of backfat most breeds require. The Belted Galloways’ heritage has conditioned them to survive in very harsh climates, and U.S. breeders have discovered that the thrifty, medium-sized animals more than earn their way in any beef herd.